Lynn Flewelling’s Upcoming Chapbook

Fantasy author Lynn Flewelling, creator of the Nightrunner series and the Tamir Trilogy, has announced plans to publish an illustrated chapbook under Three Crow Press. She is currently requesting submissions for high quality fan art.

From Ms. Flewelling:
“I’m putting out a call. I will use up to twenty illustrations. You can work from the thumbnails below, create a portrait, or follow your own muse. All must be black and white or grey scale. No porn (R-rated ok). No chibi illustrations.”

Stories to be included in the chapbook are:

“By the River”
Characters: young Seregil and Micum (S= nineteen or so, M=early 20s)
Scenes: by a river in a forest. Eating around campfire.

“The Bond” (The first time intimacy story)*
Characters: Seregil and Alec, Micum, Kari, Stalking Darkness time period.
Scenes: Watermead, Watermead guest bedroom (night), working with Micum with horses. Please keep all illustrations R or less rated.

“Currently Untitled Nysander and Seregil Meeting Story”*
(NOT an intimate Nysander/Seregil story!! )
Characters: Nysander, young Seregil (18 or so), Idrilain and children, young Phoria and Korathan.
Scenes: Idrialian’s private garden (N, S, I, children, baby Klia), rainy palace garden (Seregil and Nysander), Nysander’s workroom, Nysander’s sitting room.

Format: High quality JPG or PNG files only. B/W or gray scale only.  Any color art will be reproduced in gray scale.

Deadline to submit illustrations: June 30, 2010

Art will be chosen by Lynn Flewelling. Winning artists will receive one signed contributor’s copy and credit in the chapbook. Please contact Ms. Flewelling with any questions:

The White Road, the latest book in the Nightrunner series, can be purchased on Amazon or at other fine bookstores.

* These stories have never before published. and will be new in print.

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