Review – Undead and Unworthy

Undead and Unworthy

By MaryJanice Davidson

I needed something light and breezy, silly and funny last night to forget my own lame life events so I picked up this little bit of popcorn from my TBR shelf.  I have read all of the Queen Betsy’s up to this one and have pretty much enjoyed them all.  Part of the appeal was that I could read it all in one sitting, which I did and felt better for it.  I just can’t read them too close together or I find my brain begins developing cotton candy in the synapses.  I get sick of the things I find funny, the quipy comments, Betsy’s particular brand of blond air-headishness, her sarcasm and her ability to fix things magically, so magically she is unsure what exactly happened.  Like boyfriends, the things that initially attract me make me irritated later.  Imagine Cher from Clueless becoming Queen of all Vampires with cool super powers.  Pretty incongruous but it makes for silly reading.    

In this particular novel we find that the Fiends have come to their senses enough to want to kill Betsy for not having helped them more.  The Fiends are feral vamps who were denied blood by the previous King becoming mindless, disgusting killing machines.  Betsy refused to stake them and then left them as they were because of the events of the previous 5-6 books.  Once they came to their senses they were pretty ticked off.  Also the Ant, Betsy’s evil step-mother is now haunting her, which seems to be a set-up for something in a future book because there was no purpose in this book except to fling some insults.  I suppose us readers might have missed the Ant’s particular brand of knock-off shoes tacky and snake-tongued mean if she were to slip into the ever after too quietly.  And Nick, even though he hates Betsy, has requested her help to find out who is killing bad guys.  His dialogue became pretty hackneyed in this book.  Making their “witty” hate banter somewhat annoying and irritating.  In fact, Nick used to be an interesting character and is now pretty two-dimensional and boring.

So, do I recommend this book and this series?  Yes, but with some major reservations.  If you thought Sookie was too much of a ding dong (which my sister did), don’t even pick these up.  They are total brain candy.  Betsy is an airhead, a well-meaning airhead, but most of her brain cells concentrate on shoe brands and sassy comments.  If you want to feed your brain cookie dough for a couple of hours, try them, enjoy them for what they are and leave it at that.  This particular book, however, was pretty short of content and the ending was disappointing.   Also, the storyline wasn’t as compelling or rich as some of the previous books.  Yes, I read it in one sitting, but I was desperate to forget my own troubles for a while and wanted something I could finish quickly.  So, hopefully, MJD’s next book makes up for that, which I will try the next time my world is bleak and in shades of gray.  Call me strange, but I find Betsy’s world of bubble gum pink with splashes of red arterial spray can be a good pick-me-up sometimes, just don’t make me read two in a row.

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