Review – Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke

I couldn’t help myself, I had to read this book after reading Flying Blind and, let’s just say that I now have yet a new series to hunt down!  This book was quite fun.  The characters are strong and wily and angry and have to join together to fight the bad guys.  Plus, there is only one true mate for each of these guys, the Pyr who are shape-shifting dragons, so there are lovely romance/smexy bits.  This first book is about Quinn, the Smith, who recognizes his firestorm is nearly upon him.  The firestorm is when the pyr finds his mate and sparks literally fly between them until they conceive.   Quinn finds Sara, an accountant who recently took over her Aunt’s new age bookstore up in Ann Arbor.  Unfortunately for them both, there has been a prophecy about these two that the forces of evil, the Slayers, want to disrupt.  Slayers want to kill all of the Pyr so they can then begin to kill mankind, the good Pyr protect both the earth and all humans.

Oooh, this was a good book.  Quinn has been segregated from the other Pyr for his entire life and they come into it now to help fulfill the prophecy before the Slayers ruin it.  But the Slayers have captured the Wyvern, Sophie, who can predict when a firestorm is coming and name both of the parties involved.  The Slayers are in the lead, leading everyone on a merry chase and the true Pyr are trying to catch up.  Erik Sorensson, the leader of the Pyr and Quinn have a history and Quinn doesn’t know who to trust.  Quinn has been around for 800 years and Erik for longer, so there are dreams of the past, magic, ghosts, dragon fights and of course, those lovely smexy bits.  

Cooke has created a rich backstory for this group of sexy, long-lived men/dragons who can only mate with human women filled with prophecys, a wyvern, the Slayers, the lack of history and knowledge this group has about their own race, and their dwindling numbers.  The groundwork is layed in this first book for many more interesting things to happen.  I am greatly looking forward to the next one!  I read that they are even hotter and more exciting that Kiss of Fire.

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