Review – Mine to Possess, Hostage to Pleasure

Mine to Possess & Hostage to Pleasure (series books #4 & 5)

by Nalini Singh

After reading Kiss of Fire, which slightly reminded me of this series, I decided I needed to work on getting caught up with these books instead of bouncing around so much.  So I just read these two, one after the other, I must be in a romance phase!  Anyway, I LOVED Mine to Possess.  I think because I really like the character Clay and because he actually mates to a human who has a lot of sass, verve and EMOTION!  She doesn’t need to learn how to emote, she doesn’t feel pain when she breaks silence, there is very little about the Psy Council.  It was a nice deviation from the first 3 books, which I did enjoy, but still, a fun change.  Of course Talin and Clay have their own demons to move beyond.  They knew each other as children and have a bunch of history to revisit and forgive each other for, but a strong bond from 15 or so years before.  Tally is unabashadly human, and Clay had to reign in his cat while growing up, trying to be more human than he was.  Their pain and trust issues must be worked through while they work together (to find a psychopath who is preying on street kids).  These kids are the reason Tally seeks out Clay in the first place, to help her find and save these kids before it is too late.  To stop the killing, the Dark River leopards come to her aid. 

Hostage to Pleasure is about Dorian, the latent leopard who cannot shift and Ashaya Aleine, an M-psy who helped Tally and Clay from the previous book.  Ashaya cashes in the favor she earned from her help and has Dorian help kidnap her son from the Council.  Ashaya is a medical scientist working for the Council under duress, helping to build Protocol I, the implant that will turn the Psy into a hive mind with the Council as the “Queen bee” making the decisions.  Ashaya is different from the other Psy who are fully enmeshed in Silence (no emotion), as her Silence was broken years before but she has escaped detection.  She cares for her son and wants to escape the Council’s influence and no longer be made to work on their horrible projects.  Dorien must protect both Keenan and Ashaya and finds himself extremely attracted to her, despite his desire to destroy all Psy after his younger sister was killed by one.

So, these books follow each other in action pretty closely.  There is a lot going on in this world Singh has created.  The Council’s power is erroding.  Silence is failing, the Changlings are gaining in power and more and more history is being revealed about the time before Silence.  At the heart of each book, even though there is a heck of a lot going on, is the love affair between one strong male and one female.  There is humor and play which is a nice foil for the anger and fighting.  There is tons of desire and lust before the coupling and sex.  Singh makes sure there is plenty of story foreplay before things get too far along!  Basically they are great fun with a lot of story moving the action along.  The covers make them a little embarrassing to read in public, if I still rode the subway to work I would have to put something over them…but otherwise I can handle the ribbing from my husband.  What is it with romance books and their covers?  Anyway…if you haven’t read this series and you like this type of thing, what the heck are you waiting for?!!

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