Review – Catch Me If I Fall – Riley Knox (3 Stars)

Catch Me If I Fall is a cute short book with likable characters and some steamy sex mixed in.  It’s what I consider a Pool Book; the kind of book you’d like to read lying next to the pool and trying to get a tan, a good way to spend a few hours.

Avery is a computer geek watching his four year old nephew when his next door neighbor comes over in a compromising outfit.  Avery’s been lusting after Ethan for a year but stayed away as Ethan was divorced with twin girls.  Definitely not someone to do more than lust over.  Imagine his surprise when Ethan lets him know that he’s more Avery’s type than he imagined.

Spoiler Warning.

This is a really cute book about two people that have lived next to each other, lusted after each other, but never got the nerve up to find out if there could be anything there.  Avery is a fun character to read.  A geek and a bit of a klutz which just makes Ethan like him even more.  Ethan can’t believe that Avery’s liked him for so long, not until his twin daughters tell him, setting him up to break the ice with Avery by sending him over in very tight, short clothes.

I really wish this book had been a lot longer.  The premise is interesting but you barely get a chance to even know these characters and the book is over.  For something fun to read in a short amount of time, it’s good and I do like the writing, I just wish there were more of it.  It’s hard to care about the characters much when they go from finding out that they like each other, to a disastrous date, to spending the night together in such a short space of time.

The date scene was great fun though and I laughed through most of it, feeling bad for Avery with every misstep.  The sex was good and steamy and added to the enjoyment of the book.  It was also nice to see both families, especially the twin girls, being very supportive.  In fact, the girls had to push Ethan to date Avery and made sure that he was dressed right for the big night.  Ethan’s concern about their feelings and wanting to make sure they were okay with him dating Avery, who was their softball coach, was a very nice and realistic touch.

Overall a good book that just suffered from the usual Too Short syndrome.  I’m hoping to read more from the author in the near future.  I’d give this book three stars.

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