Review – Abercrombie Zombie

Abercrombie Zombie
By K.Z. Snow

I must admit that I picked up this book fully expecting to make fun of it. The title totally threw me for a loop as I was expecting some model loopy-loo with a craving for brains or something equally as goofy. I don’t know. But, the malicious smile I had plastered to my face as I started reading the first few lines got wiped off pretty darn quickly as I got fully sucked into this book. I really enjoyed it. It was a sweet story about two men, Quinn and Hunter, who are colleagues. Quinn and Hunter are psychics with complementary abilities in sensing ghosts and traumatic events and consult with the police as well as do “those types” of tv shows. Quinn is gay and Hunter is not, except for one incident early on in their professional relationship when they weren’t so professional. Quinn harbors feelings for Hunter, unrequited love really, and is having a hard time just being friends and colleagues. If something doesn’t change, he is worried they will have to split up.

Enter Dustin deWind, a man who can see and talk to ghosts, and offers to help Quinn and Hunter in exchange for a favor. He also walks kinda funny, his skin doesn’t fit too well and the color is off, though he is dressed quite well. Hmmm. He doesn’t eat brains though, so that is good. Working with Dustin brings the guys closer together, so they can actually communicate with each other instead of the ghosts they normally hunt. It is sweet, it is sexy and it just shows how people who seem close can be so far away from the truth. It explores communication, or the lack of communication and how it can destroy as well as create, most specifically the thin line between love and hate.

There isn’t anything hard-hitting or controversial or much to discuss except that it was enjoyable and well written. The supernatural, ghost hunter aspect is acceptable as the way things are and really plays the secondary role to the developing relationship between our lead characters. The story itself seems like a novella spin-off from another world Snow has been writing in and I am interested in reading some of her other books. I would give this book 4 stars overall only because it didn’t break any new ground, but I would give it 5 stars for writing style and enjoyment.

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  1. This is a GREAT review… :::::grins::::

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