Review – Grave Dance

Grave Dance
by Kalayna Price

I love the books about the fae, and while I didn’t expect that of this series…we are in the world of faerie an awful lot here! It is wonderful. I don’t really know what it is, maybe seeing the same type of fae depicted in such different ways by different authors. The differences are fascinating to me.

Alex Craft raises shades of the recently deceased. She is a grave witch and helps out the police in homicide investigations. The world of faerie has “come out” to mankind years before, because they needed the belief of humans to keep them from fading away. It has been one month since the last book and Alex’s life is humming along, except that she hasn’t seen Falin (her love interest from Grave Witch and the Winter Queen’s knight) in all that time. Alex is called in to assist the police. Left feet keep turning up and she is hoping to help find the rest of the bodies. It goes nuts from there. In fact, there are so many seemingly disparate elements that Alex bumbles about unsure of what leads where. It was crazy and the action heats up because EVERYONE, faery courts, family, friends, magic users etc. wants a piece of what Alex can bring. (It is a tiny bit reminiscent of some of the Cassie Palmer books action style.) Magic constructs are attacking her and anyone near her. She finds she is linked to faerie in ways she never imagined, and then becomes linked in more ways. Her body and magic are changing since the last book and she has a whole bunch of secrets from her friends and family. It was entertainingly delicious. As a side note, this is the first book that has gotten me to appreciate the not saying Thank you or Please to the fae, implying a debt. Many stories have conveyed that information, but few have illustrated it so well.

Because there is so much action which goes in different ways, it is hard to know what is going on or to keep up. The nearly has as much difficulty as Alex does. However, it effectively masks, along with a little misdirection, what is really going on so we are all surprised when the culprit is revealed. There are many new issues and loose ends that make the next book very exciting to contemplate including castles, new relatives, faery courts, the nightmare realm and her planeweaving abilities, just to name a few. I really enjoyed the first book, Grave Witch and I very much enjoyed this one. There are many elements that are similar to other series I have read, but Price does a really good job of differentiating Alex’s world. The fae creatures we get introduced to are scary, yet at the same time the reader can empathize with their desire to remain independent and free. Her characters are great and the secondary characters are being fleshed out further with each book. Alex can see through most glamour now, so we find out some interesting tidbits here and there. Plus there are a bunch of new introductions. The new characters slow the action down a little bit and we are given a lot of information, but there are some very interesting new players in this world!

I really enjoyed this book and the series in general, they are a solid addition to the urban fantasy genre. I give Grave Dance 4 stars. I am definitely going to book push these on friends and family.

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  1. I have been meaning to read this series. I admit I’ve been getting really bored with UF because it’s becoming very cookie cutter the same but this looks intriguing. How does her writing compare to Jennifer Estep’s Spider Assassin series?

  2. Gin Blanco has it more together overall than Alex. Alex is floundering a bit and while Gin is too, she is bad-ass and she hides it better. BUT I think you would like it. The writing is well done but it does have some elements that many UFs seem to have, father/mother/family issues, two love interests that fight over the main character… However there are no vampires or shifters – so far anyway! I read UF all the time these days and send most of them away on paperbackswap, but these are keepers, right next to the Spider books. 🙂

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