Review – Magic Gifts

Magic Gifts
By Ilona Andrews

So as soon as I finished my bookclub non-fiction book, I decided I was allowed the yummy treat I had been saving all month, Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews. It is a self-published novella which takes place after Magic Slays, but during the not-yet-released GunMetal Magic, Andrea’s book.

This was such a delicious story. Curran and Kate have plenty of snarky dialogue, their relationship has always been such fun to read because of it, and this book doesn’t disappoint. This novella opens with Kate and Curran going out to dinner. Because it is these two, all hell breaks loose and they end up trying to help fix the outcome of the evening the rest of the book. This brings them to deal with some Vikings (yes, Vikings with horned helmets and everything), Norse death creatures, some vampires and a lot of administrative stuff. I think Kate likes the administrative stuff the least. Kate does get a lovely entrance which I enjoyed quite a bit. She is learning to throw her weight around in new and interesting ways – so awesome.

So this novella was given away free on Ilona Andrews’ website after Christmas. What a lovely present to her fans! So, there are a few typos here and there, but nothing that ruins the story (I am just a freak who likes to spot them). The action is pretty much non-stop, it really has to be to fit it all into the shorter format because they do quite a bit to find the help they need and deal with some other fallout from Magic Slays. AND, the glimpse of Andrea is quite enticing. Because this story happens during the Andrea’s book, we get a sneak peak at what she will be dealing with and I cannot wait to read all about it! Andrea has had some tough times in the last couple of books so if you have read them, you know that she is finally facing what she needs to face, mainly her relationships with Raphael and the Pack. It is going to be so much fun!

Anyway, I loved Magic Gifts. I really enjoy this series and this is a must read for fans of Kate Daniels. The series is a must read for any UF fans.

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