4.5 star Review – Marathon Cowboys by Sarah Black

I became a fan of Ms. Black’s several years ago and love her stories for many reasons.  One of those reasons is the fact that she packs so much into each story that it feels as if you are reading a novel, as oppose to a novella.  I never feel as if I am being short changed in any way as the characters are always wonderfully written, and the plots enticing, holding your attention until the very last page.  In Ms. Black’s story, Marathon Cowboys, the main characters are, each in their own way, searching for something.  For Jesse it is inspiration for his paintings, as well as a clean cut from his boyfriend who also manages his career.  He hopes returning to his grandfather’s home is just want he needs.  The fact that his grandfather lives in a small community made up of cowboys, and ranchers, doesn’t keep him from being his usual flamboyant, and sometimes combative, self.    Lorenzo has recently left the military and hopes to make a career for himself with the comic strip he started while serving his country.    With the help of a well-known cartoonist, Lorenzo knows he has a lot going for him.  When he shows up in Marathon he runs into Jesse, the rest as they say is history.  The attraction between the two men is intense and turns into more in no time.  The men are not without their issues, but Ms. Black weaves the men’s relationship and issues together perfectly, so that the whole thing comes across realistically.

In the blurb that can be found on the publisher’s website there is mention of Jesse’s betrayal of Lorenzo.  As I was reading and got to know the characters I could not think what the young painter could have done that would destroy the men’s budding relationship.  When the betrayal is revealed it is not what I was expecting and I could easily understand the way Lorenzo felt.

Marathon Cowboys does have some twists and turns that will surprise the readers. The added twists keep the readers turning the page to see how everything will play out. I hope Ms. Black has more to add to these men’s story as I would love to see them show up again.

This story received a 4.5 star rating

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