Blood Howl – Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell (3 Stars)

ImageJed, a gun for hire, is hired to go and retrieve something for a client.  What he’s not expecting is that the object he’s to retrieve is Redford, a quiet and naïve young man.  Not liking the fact that he’s been put into a position that he doesn’t understand, Jed brings the young man back to his place to figure things out.

 That’s when things get interesting.  Jed starts to find an interest in Red but the young man seems to be insane.  Red keeps insisting that he’s a werewolf and they don’t exist, they’re just a myth.  When Jed finally realizes the truth, he’s not sure how to take it.

 I love the premise to this book; I just wish that there had been more to it.  How did the wolves live in the world, why were they after Red (yes, I know that some of that was explained in the end but not enough).  There were a lot of plot holes that happened that could’ve been explained if we had a bit more of a backstory about the world involved.

 Some things were harder to ignore and set aside.  Even if Red kept himself hidden, he couldn’t be as ignorant of the world around him as he comes across as.  Books, TV, radio, newspapers, the internet, these are all things he could use to know about the world around him.  Also, he goes outside for food and supplies, he has to know some things about the outside world.

 For the most part though, as long as I looked past some of the things that bothered me, I enjoyed this book.  It wasn’t a serious book and didn’t try to act like one.  It was fun (maybe unintentionally in some parts) to read and I liked watching Jed and Red fumble and stumble getting to know each other.  Even David and his other half were interesting and I really wish that we could’ve gotten to know about them more.  Maybe they’ll be part of a sequel?

 The sex in the book was hot and great to read.  There were problems there though too.  Why would Jed, a complete and utter sub, even look at Red?  Part of the reason is because Red brought out his protective side, and therefore his dom side, but it still didn’t sit right. 

 I give this book 3 stars.  If the story would’ve been expanded more, if we could’ve seen more about what made Jed the way he was, why Red stayed hidden so much even after his grandmother died, I think I could’ve given it a higher rating.

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  1. I haven’t gotten to this one yet!

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