Review – Pale Demon (The Hollows #9)

Pale Demon (Book #9)
by Kim Harrison

In honor of the next book in the series, A Perfect Blood being released yesterday (yay, so excited to pick it up at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on March 4th where I am going to get it SIGNED)…just a little reminder of how Pale Demon kicked some booty, or was that Rachel?!

Wow, Pale Demon is a non-stop thrill ride!  I had to put it down once in a while just to get my head around what is happening.  There are very few plot twists I could actually predict, which is both fun and overwhelming. Rachel, Trent, Jenks and Ivy embark on a road trip to CA, and they have to get there in two days. Rachel to hopefully get her shunning revoked and Trent, well he isn’t very forthcoming about his reasons. Unfortunately, they don’t just have to contend with boring highways, close quarters and how to make good time when they have to keep taking bathroom breaks (Jenks has a small bladder, you know). Someone is trying to kill Trent and we have many other mishaps and mysteries along the way.

Once I finished (weird but true) I realized this was a wonderful, satisfying read and I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I first started it I was overwhelmed because characters were making stupid choices and I didn’t understand why. It was frustrating and I wanted to shake a few people.  Ok, Trent could just smell a bunch of fairy farts for all I cared, the stupid cookie-maker! (Sorry, I just love how Jenks turns a phrase).  But man oh man did it suck me in! We see more of the ever after, Rachel is changing and coming to terms with herself. Rachel’s life parallels the road trip action as it is a big transition time for her and how she lives her life.  Many changes that had been in motion start to stick and become reality. At the end we are left with a wiser Rachel who is perhaps seeing things clearly for the first time. She is actually in a position to choose her own next step, which for Rachel, a witch who falls into trouble because it was the only choice, who knows what that will mean! For me, it means I am excited for the next book, because I am hopeful for her and can’t wait to be shocked and amazed over the choices she actually does make.  5 Stars.  (I LOVE this series and am both happy and sad that Harrison is going to wrap it up in the next couple of books)

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