Review – Servant of the Crossed Arrows (Rifter, #2) – 4.5 Stars

Servant of the Crossed Arrow (Rifter, #2)

Reading Servant of the Crossed Arrows was a little bit like watching the movie Inception. In other words, I labored under a pervading sense of “what the hell?” for a good portion of the time. But then I realized that there was a time/space continuum thing going on and stories were running parallel, and then things became as clear as Ginn Hale apparently wanted them to be at this point in the series arc, because just when I was starting to get it, just when things were beginning to converge, the episode ended.

Masterful. That’s all that can be said about the writing, the world building, the entire execution of the narrative so far, and it feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the complexities the author has dreamt up for the subversive religious and political plots, and the maneuvering and machinations that will either destroy Basawar or possibly save it. Who knows? There’s so much more to discover, so much farther to go, so much yet to understand, and I’m being led right along, trusting that the person navigating knows where she’s going because, right now, I’m just riding shotgun and enjoying the scenery.

John, Kahlil and company have overtaken everything else on my reading list. That’s the best compliment I can give to the author and the series.

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