Review – Cop Out by KC Burn 4.5 stars

From the very first moment this story is full of angst.  When Detective Kurt O’Donnell and his partner Ben answer a tip from an informant things go to hell in a hand basket very fast.  When Kurt awakes in the hospital and learns of his partner’s death, the survivor’s guilt he suffers from comes across very realistically.   Unfortunately these aren’t the only hard times Kurt has to overcome.  The author went out of her way to bring out every emotion from Kurt as he learns the truth about his deceased partner, and eventually in the end, himself.

Kurt’s partner went to his grave guarding a major secret.  Kurt is surprised to learn that Ben not only had a significant other but that his S/O is a man.  Seeing the damage Ben’s death has caused, Kurt goes out of the way to try and help Davy.  You can see the connection between these two grieving men forming from the moment they meet.  While it is easy to understand Kurt’s reasons for helping Davy it isn’t hard to see that their growing relationship is a train wreck waiting to happen.  When Kurt has trouble introducing Davy to his large, Irish catholic family, the other man walks away, refusing to once again be another man’s secret.

Cop Out is not a light hearted easy read, but if you want something to sink your teeth into than this is the book for you.  KC Burn jerks every bit of emotion from the readers as they follow both Kurt and Davy through their journey of grief and renewal.  The secondary characters are just as strongly written as the main characters and lend a wonderful dimension to the story.  Cop Out more than earns its 4.5 star rating and is one story I won’t have any trouble re-reading in the future.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book too.

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