Review: Blue-Eyed Soul by Fae Sutherland and Chelsea James 4 Stars

Remey Dufrense followed his dreams and became a rock star.  While his tour bus was driving through a small town in Massachutes he felt a connection that made him realize that he’d found his true home.     Finally reaching a point when he can take some time off, Remey bought a home in Haven and can’t wait to move in.  As soon as he gets there he knows he’s made the right choice, only some of the local residents aren’t as excited.

This is a great story by co-authors Fae Sutherland and Chelsea James.  The characters are terrific and pull you right into their story.  Remey is a well-known rock star who is looking for a small town to settle down in, some place that reminds him of home but is more forgiving of his sexual orientation.  Aleksander is the band teacher at Haven’s local high school.  He’s also a single father who knows exactly what life with a musician is like and will do anything to protect his little girl from getting hurt. Even though the connection between Remey and Aleksander is there from the beginning the authors give them a few obstacles to overcome.  I like that the authors took into account the press hanging around, Aleksander’s daughter, and the fact that the men come from two different worlds, as they felt their way along the budding relationship.

Blue-Eyed Soul is the type of story that will earn the authors many new fans.  The characters are easy to care for; I was just as upset as Aleksander when Remey had to leave Haven for a business obligation.  The situation the men find themselves in may not be one that everyone would find themselves in but the authors do a great job making the story believable.  If you have not yet read anything by these authors this is a terrific story to start with.

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  1. Oh thank you for this!

  2. Bradley Wickson

    I really love to have some Blue eyes. Blue eyes are great because it has the same color as the sky. ;,,;”


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