Review – Laurel Heights by Lisa Worrall 5+ stars

Thankfully for everyone around them, Detectives Will Harrison and Scott Turner aren’t partners.  The fact that these two can’t stand each other is clear for all to see.  The men have totally different personalities, and handle cases in completely different manners.  The one thing they do have in common is hiding the fact that their gay.  When they are assigned to work undercover on a murder in a gay exclusive neighborhood, secrets become a little hard to keep.

When I asked to review Laurel Heights by Lisa Worrall, I was hoping it would be good.   I was wrong however, this book was outstanding.  The characters are well written, and the plot is full of so many twists and turns that you will find yourself reading this book in one setting just to see how it ends.

Will and Scott are exact opposites in everything from how they dress to how they run a case. More than once the men end up bumping heads and their partners have to come in and pull them apart.  The tension between these two is so strong that it is easy for the reader to see the fine line between love and hate.  The reader also knows that with as strong as that tension is, the passion will be just as intense, and they are not wrong.  Watching these men go from enemies to lovers is something else.  The chemistry between them pops off the page and I loved the fact that the author threw a little bit of humor in.  When the men are caught making love by their partners the comments Scott and Will tossed back and forth about their sex faces made me laugh.

Unlike some stories that mix romance with mystery/suspense plot lines, Laurel Heights is wonderfully balanced.  The mystery subplot in this story involves the murder of two young men, members of an exclusive gay neighborhood.  When Will and Scott go undercover, moving into one of the available homes, the remaining members of the community are automatic suspects.  At first, as the neighbors are being introduced, it is hard to imagine any of them being a killer.  When everything is said and done and the killer is finally revealed more than one reader is sure to be surprised.

When I got to the last page of Laurel Heights I was shocked and went to the author’s blog in hopes of finding out when the follow up story would come out.  Unfortunately I did not find anything, so let me take this moment to say to Ms. Worrall, “Please.  Please.  Please.  You can’t let the story end there, there has to be more.”

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  1. oooo i’m going to read

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