Review – Heat Rises

Heat Rises

By Richard Castle

Borrowed from a friend

This is the third book by fictional TV character Richard Castle from the show Castle.  Like the previous books, they pull situations and character relationships from the show into the novel.  There are inside jokes and funny bits that Castle manages to insert, sometimes making me roll my eyes at his zest for goofy, which is just like the show!   So if you like the show, and/or you like to read mysteries, you might like these books.

This is the most involved mystery yet.  A priest has been murdered in a bondage club and Nikki Heat and her team need to find the killer but her Captain is acting funny.  Is he involved?  Why is he keeping her from following every lead?  There is definitely something hinky with this case and Nikki is just the detective to unravel all of the clues.  Before too long, another person is dead, Nikki is stalked by highly trained gunmen and there seem to be tenuous ties to an old case.

Castle’s Rook and Heat steam off the page.  Their relationship works, it’s sweet and they make a good team.  The layers to the mystery are difficult to peel back as roadblocks are thrown at every curve but Heat and Rook dig deeper and call in favors from people they can trust.

It ends with a shootout and some arrests and Heat kicks booty.  But it is bittersweet as lives have been lost and people hurt.  I am excited for the next book to see how Castle handles interpreting Season 4 into his novel.  Good stuff.  Because I love the show and these characters and basically think anything Nathan Fillion is involved in is awesome, I give the book 4 stars.

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  1. I LOVE these books. Okay and yes, Nathan…. nom nom nom. :::::Grins:::

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