Review – Speechless


by Kim Fielding

If you are looking for a sweet little romantic love story, look no further!

Travis is working a crappy machine shop job in Portland, OR.  He has no friends, no car and not much of a life.  Every day on his way home from work he passes a handsome man playing guitar on his front steps.  Drew has aphasia and cannot speak or write.  The boys meet, become friends and have a wonderful romance.

You would think that because Drew can’t speak that you don’t understand what he is thinking.  But Fielding is great, we get expressions, gestures and Travis figuring it out.  It works really well and Travis talks enough for the two of them.  But the dialogue doesn’t overwhelm the story either.  It is quiet, thoughtful and lovely.  It makes you slow down and realize there are many ways to communicate, we just tend to talk too much to notice.

Speechless is a short story, around 60 pages, but it doesn’t feel rushed in any way.  The romance is adorable but there isn’t much smexing.  It happens but there isn’t much description or play by play, so if that is what you are looking for, you won’t find it here.  Instead you find two men, who both have disabilities, that find love and acceptance.  But while they have disabilities they aren’t disabled.  They don’t allow it and find ways to be better and stronger than what other people “see” and expect.  This novelette was well written and even though there isn’t a ton of conflict, there isn’t meant to be.  It is more of a “don’t stand in the way of your own happiness” type thing due to fear or expectations.

I read another review of this story who said it was “cute with a side of angst”.  I couldn’t say it better myself.  So sweet!  4 star short story.  It even gave me little happy tears (though I warn you that I am a sap!).

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  1. I can’t wait to read this one.

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