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Announcing the release of T.A. Moore’s Shadows Bloom

Today, I have the incredible pleasure of announcing the release of T.A. Moore’s new book, Shadows Bloom. T.A.’s an incredible writer, someone’s whose turn of phrase and use of words leaves me breathless. It is with a great delight that I present to you, Shadows Bloom.

Between the real and the unreal, the created and uncreated lies the capstone of the universe: the living city, Even Na Shetiyah. Eternally in flux and the only door between What-was-Not and What-Was, Even City is many things to the creatures who dwell within its wall: home, stopover, prison.

For Blodouwedd, a woman created from flowers by the sorcerer-god Math, it is a sanctuary, a place to escape the punishment meted out for her role in — temporarily — murdering her husband, a hero of Welsh legend. She wants no part in the Even’s numerous feuds and power struggles but when an unknown enemy begins to undo the very magic holding Blod together, she is forced to enter the fray before all that is left of her are the petals Math used to create her.

Blod has no shortage of enemies. Her powerful in-laws whose honour she affronted? The god who created her only for her to defy him? Set upon a dangerous and treacherous path through the Even’s chaotic society, Blod turns to the only one she knows she can trust; Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the husband she killed.

About the Author:
T.A Moore is a journalist and arts critic when she’s not making up worlds in her head. She lives on the coast, but not a sunny one since it is Ireland.

When not writing she loves reading, history, technology and archery. She doesn’t love gardening, but she does it anyway after nearly losing a very fat cat in the shrubbery. She just spent four years getting her PhD, but doesn’t make people call her Doctor. Although if anyone wants to…

Amazon Kindle and Print: Shadows Bloom
Other eBook Formats: Shadows Bloom

Killer Krill From Outer Space by Mark Wolf

Killer Krill From Outer Space by Mark Wolf

The headline in the New York Times, while attention grabbing, put me more in mind of a 1950’s B movie marquee than a serious front-pager.

“Killer Krill From Outer Space!” It screamed.

The story was about an interview with the eminent crustacean scientists Emmet Sanderson (that’s me) and Jiro Takata, genetics whiz kid and my best friend.

They quoted me: “Dr. Emmet Sanderson states that the killer krill is a combination of Antarctic Krill, an unknown squid, and a Cuisinart with all the safety features removed.”

I was in the picture holding up a dead krill that was a foot long. Read the rest of this entry

Look for New Content Here

We’ve been in a lull. Lots of things happening behind the scenes and on top of everything else, a new batch of reviewers and editors coming in.

Watch this space. We’re going to be ramping up again.

Liz Williams’ The Iron Khan

The long awaited release of Liz Williams’ latest Detective Inspector Chen novel, The Iron Khan, is finally almost upon us! However… a soft release of the eBook version is now live! Link to eBook Here.

Being considered a friend to the Emperor of Heaven has its drawbacks — especially when one is Detective Inspector Chen and the Emperor needs assistance in finding the Book, a escaped, self-aware magical artifact with the power to alter the world. Tasked with retrieving the Book before it can alter reality, Chen crosses paths with his former partner, Zhu Irzh who is in hot pursuit of the Iron Khan, an evil, homicidal immortal intent on conquering Asia by any means. While Chen and Zhu are otherwise occupied, Inari — Chen’s demon wife — is whisked away by forces intent on revenge against Chen and ultimately, the Emperor of Heaven. The fantastical deserts of Western China and a mythical city of wonders serve as a backdrop for Chen, Zhu Irzh and Zhu’s lover, Jhai Tserai as they wage an intense, personal war to prevent their worlds from a cataclysmic destruction.

Liz Williams delivers an exotic tapestry of unique urban fantasy — rich with Asian mythology and interesting, fully-formed characters. From the quirky inclusion of a taciturn badger teapot to the luxurious descriptions of Singapore Three, Williams crafts a solid and fantastical world like no other writer in the fantasy genre. Strong storytelling and unexpected plot twists is guaranteed to keep the reader intrigued…and longing for more. Read the rest of this entry

3CP Fiction: The Park by Regina Glei

The Park by Regina Glei

Only Grandpa’s empty shell sat in his armchair, watching TV, not his soul.  He had changed since Grandma’s death.  He had died with her.

Judy increasingly feared that something destructive was going inside Grandpa’s mortal remains.  The rest of her family–Mom and Dad, brother and sister–didn’t care.  Judy felt ashamed of them.  They weren’t even hiding that they were pleased that Grandfather was “out of the way”, “keeping quiet”, and “not bothering anyone”.  Those were the expressions that Mom used.  They didn’t care that he was still alive and doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV.

During the first year after Grandma’s death, he had still come to the dinner table.  Now Mom was bringing his dinner to him in his room.  In the previous two years, he had still zapped through the channels.  Now he wasn’t even doing that anymore.  All he was watching now was a silly variety channel that broadcast nothing but insanely dumb game shows.  Grandpa was just sitting there, staring, day in, day out, empty and hollow-eyed.  Sometimes he went to bed, sometimes he seemed to forget even that and remained sitting in front of the TV all night.  He hardly ate the food Mom brought him and was losing weight.  Sometimes he also forgot to go to the bathroom.  Ever more often, Judy heard Mom scolding him when she found that he had wet his pants. Read the rest of this entry

Hear Lynn Speak…

Lynn Flewelling is guest blogging at Magical Words about the making of a small book.

Link is here.

The print version is now available on Amazon!

And Glimpses has hit a high mark: Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #336 in Books

3CP News: Release of Lynn Flewelling’s Glimpses

Three Crow Press is proud to announce the release of Lynn Flewelling’s long anticipated short story collection, Glimpses.

Glimpses is a collection of Nightrunner short stories illustrated by fan-created art chosen by Lynn for the book. Lynn Flewelling’s Glimpses explores “lost” moments from her popular Nightrunner Series, events alluded to or passed over – Alec’s parents and childhood, Seregil’s early liaisons in Skala, Seregil and Alec’s first night as lovers, how Seregil and Micum Cavish met.

Each story offers a new perspective on events readers have speculated about for years. For new readers, it offers an introduction to the characters Romantic Times calls “two of the most memorable heroes in fantasy.”

Professional and amateur art provided by Flewelling’s fans accompany Glimpses’ stories, as she honors the dedication and devotion her fans have given her over the years.

Glimpses can be purchased in print at Lynn’s eStore and ebook formats at Amazon (print version to follow) and at Smashwords (Glimpses is currently coming in at #2 of Smashword’s best seller’s list). I’ll update with more links later as the book gets pushed out to Amazon Print, Book Depository and other bookstores. Read the rest of this entry

No Starbucks Today

I am advocating a day without starbucks. I know. Sounds horrid.

But it’s for a good cause. A dollar. Five dollars. Anything would help.

Ii guess this is kind of personal for me because I have a dearly loved friend who fought so hard to bring his first baby girl home safe and healthy.

:::hugs J::::

Sso… if you can help with the adoption fee from the orphanage, they’d appreciate it. There IS a drawing. Be sure to enter for one of the prizes.

If you can pass on the link to your blog or twitter or email, please do so. Thanks.

The Climb (Three Crow Fiction)

The Climb By Gary J Beharry

I am afraid. He speaks to me in my dreams, you see. He tells me that because of me, everyone is angry. Things have stopped working the way they are supposed to, because of my selfishness. I do not understand. I do not remember.

He says I made my choice a long time ago. I had the courage to ask him why once, why it is my fault, why I am being punished. That, I remember clearly: Read the rest of this entry

Ouroboros (Three Crow Press Fiction)

Ouroboros by Marie Robertson

“Will it hurt?”

It was a childish question, but Lawrence couldn’t help it.  The woman before him continued to work, her back to him, as though she hadn’t heard.  The room was lit with a low, cheap lamp, and Lawrence could barely see her thin, gnarled body.  She stirred something vigorously, filling the room with the scent of spice and timeless foreboding.

“Of course it will hurt,” she said after a few moments.  Her voice was like a sheet of dry paper being torn in two.  “It will be excruciating.” Read the rest of this entry

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