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Delsyn’s Blues – Lou Sylvre (4 Stars)

Delsyn's Blues Sonny James and Luki Vasquez are back for another adventure.  This time they’re working    their way into a relationship, trying to understand each other enough to be together and work through their problems.  Things never run smoothly though, which they find out the hard way.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story but I really liked this book, better than the first one even.  It’s not very often that I find myself crying over a character, especially within the first few chapters but I had to have a few tissues handy when I started this one and even in a few spots through the rest of the book.

Even with the sad start, I found myself enjoying the story.  Luki may have gone back to Chicago to work but when Sonny needs him most, he drops everything to be there for the man he loves.  Sonny is broken and trying to deal with his pain and with Luki’s help, he manages to.  I enjoyed seeing how the two men interact, dealing with their own problems and trying to help each other.  When someone from Sonny’s past shows up and throws more fuel on the fire, I worried that they couldn’t work things out but by learning to trust each other, they did.

The mystery is good, even if who the person trying to kill them is a bit predictable the why is a nice surprise.  It helped keep things flowing, adding tension and uncertainity into Luki and Sonny’s fates, and helped the boys on their road to trusting each other.  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one in the series, which I hope comes out soon.

This book deserves a solid 4 stars and Lou Sylvre is becoming one of my favorite authors.

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Big Cypress Crossroads – Bren Christopher (3 Stars)

Noah Taylor lives deep in the Everglades, coming out on the weekends to lead curious tourists through the beauty of the Everglades.  He unexpectedly comes across a hanging body in the Cypress trees and a mystery unfolds as to why the body is there and who put it there.

Scott Chandler is a detective with the Miami-Dade police department, shot in the line of duty and just recently allowed back in the field.  He’s been following a large drug cartel and the trail leads him to the Everglades and to Noah.  The two men end up working together and it’s not just the mystery that unites them.

Noah has had dreams since he was young and it wasn’t until he met Scott that he realized that he’d been seeing Scott in those dreams.  The two fall in love but is it enough to solve the mystery and can Noah keep Scott safe from what he sees happening in the dreams?

I liked this book, for the most part.  The mystery was intriguing and I loved the description of the scenery, it made me want to go down to Florida and see the area for myself.  Noah and Scott’s relationship was nice to see too, though it was faster than I like to read.  I know with books, you have to move things along but I wish there’d been a bit more of them trying to get to know each other.

There were some things that bothered me though.  The fact that Noah never really told Scott his involvement in things, especially since he loved Scott.  Noah always seemed to have some kind of ulterior motive and that at times, he was using Scott for his own revenge.  Yes, he did finally tell him but it was only after Scott had to drag it out of him.  Also, I can’t see Noah being allowed to be such a large part of the investigation.  Going off and doing things on his own, I could believe that, but not with the police allowing him in so close.  Scott’s attitude towards things irritated me also but not as much as Noah’s.

I did like getting the glimpse into Santeria.  It wasn’t the stereotypical thing that you see for the religion, it was more real and that was nice to see for once.

Overall, I give this book 3 stars.  The mystery was good and for the most part the characters were good.  I would’ve liked to have seen a little more of a build up between Noah and Scott but that could just be me.

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Blood Howl – Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell (3 Stars)

ImageJed, a gun for hire, is hired to go and retrieve something for a client.  What he’s not expecting is that the object he’s to retrieve is Redford, a quiet and naïve young man.  Not liking the fact that he’s been put into a position that he doesn’t understand, Jed brings the young man back to his place to figure things out.

 That’s when things get interesting.  Jed starts to find an interest in Red but the young man seems to be insane.  Red keeps insisting that he’s a werewolf and they don’t exist, they’re just a myth.  When Jed finally realizes the truth, he’s not sure how to take it.

 I love the premise to this book; I just wish that there had been more to it.  How did the wolves live in the world, why were they after Red (yes, I know that some of that was explained in the end but not enough).  There were a lot of plot holes that happened that could’ve been explained if we had a bit more of a backstory about the world involved.

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Come Unto These Yellow Sands – Josh Lanyon (5 Stars)

Professor Sebastian Swift was once world renown and considered a genius but drugs and trying to live up to everyone’s expectations sent him down in to a downward spiral that he barely made it out of.  Now he’s living a life of quiet, teaching and getting together with his ‘friends with benefit’ partner, Max, who happens to be the chief of police for the small college town they live.

When one of Swift’s most promising students comes to him, asking him for help, he doesn’t hesitate, giving him the keys to his cabin to get away from it all.  It turns out that that may have been one of the biggest mistakes Swift has ever made, as the boy is wanted for murdering his own father.  At least, that’s what everyone else, including Max, seems to think and Swift is determined to prove the boy’s innocence.

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Loving Luki Vasquez – Lou Sylvre (4 stars)

When artist Sonny and security agent Luki meet, it’s not what either of them expect.  Sonny is reclusive and has little to do with the outside world, preferring to spend his time with his loom and his work and Luki is closed off and dedicated to his work.  But when circumstances throw them together, it opens up parts of themselves they’d kept closed off for far too long.

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Review – Catch Me If I Fall – Riley Knox (3 Stars)

Catch Me If I Fall is a cute short book with likable characters and some steamy sex mixed in.  It’s what I consider a Pool Book; the kind of book you’d like to read lying next to the pool and trying to get a tan, a good way to spend a few hours.

Avery is a computer geek watching his four year old nephew when his next door neighbor comes over in a compromising outfit.  Avery’s been lusting after Ethan for a year but stayed away as Ethan was divorced with twin girls.  Definitely not someone to do more than lust over.  Imagine his surprise when Ethan lets him know that he’s more Avery’s type than he imagined.

Spoiler Warning.

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Review – Everyone’s Man – Edward Kendrick (3.5 Stars)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book.  The description mentioned rape and I’ve usually seen it handled two ways in other books, either the Vengeful Victim or Cured by the Magic Penis.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this book used neither.

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