Brand New Crow

Hello from Three Crow Press!

We’ve moved. Again. Still.

We have a new look and a new mission.

But for a good reason. I gave a lot of thought about how Three Crow can provide better and faster content to its readers in addition to providing an RSS feed. After some deliberation, I made the decision to move Three Crow over to WordPress because of the tools available on the site.

What does this mean for submissions and publishing of fiction? It means I can provide quicker publishing of accepted pieces and tag these pieces for our reader to find. Reviews will also be more timely and the occasional rant about the world in general can happen on the fly.

So, thank you for following us. I hope to bring you an exciting zine in the near future.

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  1. I admit, I adored the look of the old site and I’ll miss it, though the reasoning for the change makes sense. Will you be moving old content here as well, or leaving it archived? And will you still be working in ‘issues’, or just uploading stories when they’re ready to go?

    • Hi,

      Ah, the old look probably will transition in some way. We’ll be moving content over or placing it in an archive you can get here.

      I am debating uploading the stories every few days for fresher content so people can read as they go rather than lose a whole bunch in a mass posting. That’s still in debate. If you’ve an opinion, let me know! We’re trying to mingle content and have things posting more frequently so it’s more of a dynamic zine.

      • I like the issues, but I think for a blog format more regular updates will probably work better. It does make theming a bit harder, though. What will happen to things like the erotica issue? Will it become an erotica month?

      • We’ll probably be theming the blog a bit more closer to the older site look or even just the colours. Right now, I’ve finally slain the server monster that we’ve been fighting with so I didn’t want too much work done until we had that in order.

        And yes, we’ll have an erotica month in February. I think the blog format does give a more timely response/review and publishing of pieces and it’ll enable people to see more feedback of their pieces.

        We’ll have some growing pains but I think we’ll be okay.


        reece / wedschilde

  2. Wow I like everything you and Jen are doing. I think it’s great that you are providing a place for Indie writers to get there work out in a place where it can be appreciated. I hope to be able to submit works in the near future to you.


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