Book Review – Underground

Underground by Kat Richardson                                                                                           

This is the third book in the Greywalker Novels and I am really enjoying this series.  The 6th book is being released in August 2011.  I have my sister and mom hooked on them as well and they are anxious for me to finish with it and pass it on.  I am not sure why this one has struck such a chord with us.  It has a strong female lead, Harper Blaine, who is a Private Investigator.  I realize there are a bevy of heroines these days that have similar jobs, jobs that echo their strength of mind, personality and independence, such as PIs, bounty hunters, assassins or something of the kind.  So while Harber Blaine is among stellar company, these novels stand out for me and this one in particular.  The writing is wonderful, richly imaged and easy to follow.  Plus Harper is no nonsense, she doesn’t have too many insecurities or issues and each book has a mystery she needs to solve.

Backstory: Harper was shot and dies for two minutes before being resuscitated in the beginning of the first novel, Greywalker.  She now has the talent of being able to see and walk into the Grey, the world between the living and the dead.  The Grey is where ghosts, vampires and other tasty little monsters walk freely through slices of time and space.  Needless to say, her fairly normal existence is turned upside down. 

These are taut mysteries that build on each other so I would recommend reading the books from the beginning.  In this book Harper’s friend Quinton asks her to look into the disappearance and deaths of Seattle’s homeless.  It turns out that the homeless are not just dying, but being eaten and/or turned into zombies by something straight out of legend.  This book was creepy.  Much of it is being spent exploring Seattle’s underground, which Richardson says she modified geography and access somewhat to suit the story.  The climbing around under the street in the dark, passing slices of ghostly history while talking to other ghosts and homeless is very nerve wracking, especially when there is the possibility of a big monster around the next corner.  And that monster turns out to be pretty freaking scary when you finally meet it. 

The first third of the book is the set up and can be a little slow going, but it really picks up when they meet with the Indian wise woman out on the reservation.  You won’t want to set it down after that.  Additionally, we learn Albert’s motivation, the ghost who lives with the Danzigers and much more about Quinton.  This is a great series and I highly recommend it.  I can’t wait to read the next novel, Vanished.

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