Review – Magic Slays

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Reviewed by OCDReader & 3girlmom

These books really do keep getting better and better. When these books first came on my radar screen Amazon was pushing to me because of “similar purchases”. I finally gave in and ordered the first two (they were the only ones available at the time) Magic Bites and Magic Burns. I think I read them both in about a week and promptly pushed them on the rest of my family. Eventually I even got my cousin to read them, she was firmly in the Sookie Stackhouse camp and was having a hard time branching out, but she did and here we are, fighting over who gets to write this review, so we decided to do it together.

Firstly, we strongly recommend you read these books in order. The story builds on each novel and, like in life, the characters mature and change. And quite honestly, you just cannot appreciate the witty repartee and innuendo as much without having walked in Kate’s shoes during the other novels.  (They really do make you freaking snort and cackle, it is quite embarrassing to read them in public.)  Additionally it is important that your friends read these with you, because you will want to laugh later over the lines, and let us tell you that husbands just don’t give the appropriate response. But, so you can understand this review, a little backstory for Magic Slays. Technology is failing and magic has taken hold in this world.  Magic rises and falls like the tide, tech and magic are like oil and water so magical items can only be used at certain times and vice versa. Humans are becoming magical and of course shifters, witches and vampires are chock full of the stuff. Kate Daniels is a bad ass and had been working for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, a type of magical police, wields a bunch of magic and is currently dating Curran, the Beast Lord. Technically they are mated and she has moved in with him after her apartment was destroyed in Magic Bleeds. She no longer is working for the Order, having just quit and has opened her own PI type business on the edge of town (shew…got that?). This book is about her first case…

We have seen quite a progression in Kate through this series. In this novel she is learning how to be comfortable being involved and being loved. She has never had a problem loving, but she can’t believe anyone would love her for herself instead of what she could possibly offer. We see her love deeper, stronger and without reservation. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will put herself in harm’s way just to make sure people she cares about are safe. Ilona Andrews has created life where there was a void, a human where there was a machine, hope where there was none. Kate’s entire life was heading toward the end game confrontation with Roland. Now, she is still headed in that direction, even more so as this book has put her more firmly on that path (kind of like Frodo when he puts on the ring. Where else could he go, as there is no ultimate escape once the eye knows you exist?). We have been getting there for a long time now, but Kate has a place in this world, she is very much ensconced and pretty much ok with it. She finds more family, family that might not even want to kill her! She has gained so much and learned so much about herself and conversely has a ton to lose. But everyone in this world is better for having met Kate, for being her friend, for being in her life, she just now needs to realize this!   Instead of the continual worry that her past might say who she is and who she will be. Kate has a lot to still learn and she needs to continue growing, but now more than ever, she has a good chance of surviving herself. She has a bunch of someones holding her back to NOT become just like her dad.  Because sometimes the best of intentions lead us right where we don’t want to go if the “loved one sanity check is missing”.

There were many amazing portions of this book, but Jennifer’s smack down – was of the awesome! Enjoy that please. We really enjoyed the new boy character and we are still loving Grendel. Also, Andrea gets a smack down moment too, wonderful and we are excited to see what happens in the next book because of it. Get ready to cry, both happy and sad tears.

So having said all that, we are so jealous of all you who haven’t read this book yet because it is so delicious. We do get to reread, but the first run through is lovely. And those of you who haven’t picked up the series, get on it! This is one of those series that are good, really good and are way worth reading.

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