Loving Luki Vasquez – Lou Sylvre (4 stars)

When artist Sonny and security agent Luki meet, it’s not what either of them expect.  Sonny is reclusive and has little to do with the outside world, preferring to spend his time with his loom and his work and Luki is closed off and dedicated to his work.  But when circumstances throw them together, it opens up parts of themselves they’d kept closed off for far too long.

I really liked this book.  The dialogue was very good, some of the best I’d read in awhile.  There are some missteps along the way though.  The mystery started out interesting and good and then seemed to take a left turn.  I enjoyed the twist in the mystery, that it was about Luki and not Sonny, but not what was revealed at the end of who the bad guy was and why he was doing all this.  It just seemed strange that Sonny was dragged into this so early, when the two men barely knew each other.

The hoops that they had to jump through added some tension to whether or not they were going to survive and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.  I stayed up way too late, wanting to finish and to see how they’d survive and how they’d get back together but it was worth it.  By the end, I was worried that something would happen to keep the two of them apart, even though I knew that wasn’t really going to happen.  I just wish that the big reveal had been a bit differently, it just seemed to not quite fit with the rest of the book.

The conflict between Sonny and Luki was good too; a bit more realistic regarding two men that had a hard time opening up to anyone, let alone someone they cared about.  The truth about what happened to Luki and why made me tear up and I felt so bad for him and it helped explain why he shut himself off.  That he and Sonny find each other and eventually fall in love is rather remarkable and by the end I was glad that they did.

I give this book four stars, though if the mystery would’ve been a bit better it would’ve gotten more.

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing. I’m very glad you liked Luki and Sonny’s adventures!


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